The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 52

Finding 52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale in the World is a feature length documentary that will take audiences on a journey to find the forgotten "52 Hertz Whale." Calling out at 52 Hz, a frequency unrecognized by other whales, this mysterious creature is believed to have lived its life in complete solitude, its calls forever unanswered by its own kind. In our ever-present fascination with these majestic beasts, the tale of "52" has prompted an intense reaction amongst our own species, pointing to a greater awareness of human loneliness than ever before. —Anonymous

Genre: Adventure, Documentary

Director: Joshua Zeman

Country: United States

Actors: Kate Micucci, Joshua Zeman

IMDb: 6.8

Release: 09 Jul 2021

Duration: 96 min


Studio: Skyline Entertainment, Lost Lane Entertainment, Alldayeveryday, Gigantic Pictures, Electric Panda Entertainment, ShowKat Productions